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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So many reasons, but my favorite is...

I am a pretty spiritual person most of the time, but what I am NOT is emotional.  Because of this, I have a hard time sharing my spiritual side with just anybody because things get all...mushy and uncomfortable.  ;)  I'm not the best member missionary because of that.  I wish I were more like my sweet Mom, with my testimony on my sleeve.  Everyone who meets her for even 5 minutes has grown spiritually just a little bit.  Gosh, I love my Mom so much, but that is a different blog post.  for another day.  when I can handle crying all night long into my pillow.  NOT tonight.

Now that my tangent is over, let me steer this back to my original thought...

Last night I was getting into bed, tired, as usual, from a long single mom day with the kids.  (Ben is on night shift Sun-Thurs at the hospital all month and we have only been seeing him about 45 minutes when he wakes up before he has to leave for work again.)  I was thinking about what I wanted to say in my quick prayer before I passed out, but I was really tired and ready for bed, so I was planning on just getting in and saying one in bed while laying down.  LA-ZY, I know, but you know you do it sometimes, too. 

Anyway, a thought suddenly came to me that I really needed to get on my knees to say this prayer.  You can guess what my reaction to that thought was.  Phblllllleeeeeeept!!  :P  However, the thought was so strong that I reluctantly did as I was told and kneeled by the side of my bed. 

The "quick" prayer I had planned turned into me pouring my heart out about so many things that have been on my mind lately.  Even things I hadn't thought to pray about yet.  When I finished some 10 minutes later, and I did finally get into bed, I was just completley wrapped up in the best feeling. 

I felt warm, happy, blanketed in peace, like I was glowing from the inside out. 
I felt loved.
I KNEW He heard my prayer, and I KNEW He prompted me to get down and get it all out so He could help me and comfort me and let me feel loved.  Because that is what I really needed.  To be heard.  And to know I am loved. 

And so, my point is that if there were only one reason to pray regularly (which, of course, there isn't), and even if you knew nothing you asked for would actually come to pass and bless your life (which of course, it does, if it is His will) THAT would be the one. 

I ask you:
Who doesn't want to feel loved? 
Who doesn't want to KNOW that even though YOU don't know how, it WILL all work out!?
Who doesn't want to feel like they are not alone in this harsh and scary life? 
That somebody else sees everything you are going through and hurts right along with you and is just waiting, hoping you'll get down on your knees and open up your heart.

And so, my friends, in a world where everyone is looking for a quick and easy way to feel good - a pill, a drug, a drink, a person - I challenge you to try this one.  If you don't pray at all for whatever reason, or just don't pray regularly, or feel silly doing so, just trrrrrrrryyyy it.  What could it hurt, right?  I'm betting you get that same warm, peaceful feeling I got.  I'm not hating that.  :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oh, the Joys of Little Boys

Little Boy #1 (solemnly):  Mama, I dropped my waffle, but I did NOT eat it off the floor.
Me:  Oh, good!
Little Boy #1 (proudly):  See!  I catched it with my feet! 

Me:  Go wash your face with a wet paper towel in the bathroom, please.
Little Boy #2 goes into the bathroom, gets a paper towel and starts to wipe his face.
Me:  No, you have to get it wet first or it won't clean anything off your face.
Little Boy #2 wipes snotty nose and holds up paper towel triumphantly:  See!  It's wet!

*groan*  Well, germs build immunity, right?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Half-Birthday

(This was actually taken a few weeks ago.  I haven't taken any pics in a while.  Bad mama, I know...)

In 6 months, she has outgrown...
  • Size Newborn, 1 and 2 diapers
  • her pacifier
  • 4 oz bottles
  • sleeping in the pack and play in our room
  • open bottom sleeping gowns
  • her vibrating seat
  • the swing
  • playing on her back
  • me nursing her
And she has grown into/started...
  • Size 3 diapers
  • sleeping in her own bed
  • sleeping all night
  • 3 1-2 hour naps a day
  • playing on her tummy
  • sitting up
  • smiling
  • laughing
  • reaching
  • babbling ("dada" is her newest intelligible babble fav)
  • formula
  • solid foods & rice cereal

They really do grow up so fast!  Ally's sweet, happy shining little personality is so fun to watch develop.  She continues to be the easiest, most laid back baby of all three Blake babies.  We all just love playing and snuggling with her, and can't remember what our life was like without her.  :)