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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tonight's Prayers

Jackson:  ...and please help us to make good choices so Hebbenly Fadder won't get angry wiff us.  So He won't say, "Jackson, why were you such a meanie today?  And don't be a crybaby!"

Sam:  ...and pweese bwess Mama and pweese bwess Daddy and pweese bwess Dasson and pweese bwess Baby "Owlie" and dank-you Mama and dank-you Daddy and dank-you Dasson and Dank-you Baby "Owlie" and dank-you Abby and dank-you Mrs. Spah-kowl-nose (Abby and Mrs. Sparklenose from Sesame Street's Flying Fairy School segement) and dank-you pwophet (prophet) and dank-you scwip-chooas (scriptures) and dank you pwophet and dank you scwip-chooas (AGAIN) and help Baby "Owlie" be healfy so she wont' be sick and pweese bwess GwandMollie so she won't be sick anymore eeeder.  In-a name of Jeesh ChrIsh.  Amen.

Proud (and entertained) Mama.  :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Mountain Laurel...

When Ben completes residency and can practice on his own, this is the house we are looking at building.  He has always dreamed of a owning a log cabin on some land.  We'd like to build it on a hill somewhere in Sherman.  I love the huge open spaces on the inside (You can look at more pictures/blueprints on the Satterwhite website.) and the rustic look.  I love the porches and balconies, the double staircase, and the outdoor fireplace.  It even has an optional basement where Ben could have a man cave to sleep during the day when he has to work nights, but we'd have to find a place where the water table is higher because around here you can't have a basement or it'd fill with water.  We looked at it in more detail when we went to the log cabin show a few days after Ally was born.  The only thing I would change is the wood color.  I want a darker wood, I hate this yellow pine wood.  Yick!  What do you think?  Super big for a family of 5, I know, but you never know...we might still be expanding our family and if we don't (not making an announcement here people, I JUST had a baby, lol), it'd be a great place to have our big family holiday gatherings.  We'll see what happens, but it is fun to dream for now...