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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

Yesterday I ran out of milk and we are low on fresh produce.  I intended on stopping by the store after a birthday party we went to yesterday, but it was pouring on us, and I didn't feel like dealing with the grocery store and all three kids in the pouring rain.  This morning when I remembered we had no milk, I thought briefly about making a quick trip sometime today...

On the way to church today (at 11am) Jackson asked me why we weren't going to the Y.  (We typically go every morning M-F, and most Saturdays.)  I told him it was because today is Sunday, and the Lord commanded us to keep the Sabbath Day holy, so we don't go to businesses to shop or exercise or play with friends on Sunday, among other things.  Then I remembered my fleeting thought and felt a little guilty.

Then our Relief Society lesson in the third hour of church was about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and Ruth Garrett mentioned how a lot of people don't realize it is one of the Ten Commandments.
Apparently someone wants me to work a little harder to keep the Sabbath Day holy. 

My mom used to say we only break the Sabbath if "our ox is in a ditch."  I knew that scripture reference came from the Savior's answer to someone accusing him of working on Sunday by doing service, but I didn't know the scripture reference (Luke 14:5) and wanted more backstory, so I looked it up and then found this blog post. 

It is an interesting discussion on the Mormon viewpoint of keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  I particularly liked one comment that said, "It's okay to rescue your ox from the ditch on the Sabbath, as long as you don't spend all Saturday night pushing it in!"  haha, really!!  So many things can be avoided if we PLAN to keep the Sabbath day holy!!

Anyway, I'm off to make some powdered milk to get us through the day.  I may have pushed my ox in the ditch, but he'll have to stay there for a day while I keep the Sabbath Day holy.  ;)