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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tonight's Prayers

Jackson:  ...and please help us to make good choices so Hebbenly Fadder won't get angry wiff us.  So He won't say, "Jackson, why were you such a meanie today?  And don't be a crybaby!"

Sam:  ...and pweese bwess Mama and pweese bwess Daddy and pweese bwess Dasson and pweese bwess Baby "Owlie" and dank-you Mama and dank-you Daddy and dank-you Dasson and Dank-you Baby "Owlie" and dank-you Abby and dank-you Mrs. Spah-kowl-nose (Abby and Mrs. Sparklenose from Sesame Street's Flying Fairy School segement) and dank-you pwophet (prophet) and dank-you scwip-chooas (scriptures) and dank you pwophet and dank you scwip-chooas (AGAIN) and help Baby "Owlie" be healfy so she wont' be sick and pweese bwess GwandMollie so she won't be sick anymore eeeder.  In-a name of Jeesh ChrIsh.  Amen.

Proud (and entertained) Mama.  :)


Tina said...

ha, ha, ha!! Love it! They are so cute!!

Asad said...
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Kelly Jo said...

So I came across your blog via the Resident's Wife blog and I just wanted to say hello! I'm the wife of a surgery intern so I always enjoy chatting with other wives who are in the same boat :o)

Also, two things that are cracking me up: 1. My hubby is also Dr. Ben 2. My maiden name is Blake so we have "Blake Family..." events too.

Anyway, that's all. Just wanted to say hello!

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