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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Snapshots of our day

On the swings, during outside playtime this morning I heard:

Jackson (already on a swing, with me pushing him): Hi, L. Howa yeeew?

L (joining him on the swings): I'm good, Jackson. How are you?

Jackson: Ummm, I good. I had bites today.

I just laughed because that was so random. As if I don't feed my child every day, hah!
Later Jackson was sitting in a chair and wanted K to come sit with him, so he kept hollering, "K!!!! Come sit wiff me!" She obliged, happily (she is an only child and loves Jackson like a brother) and when she got up several minutes later, S. came to sit with him and he kept pushing her off the seat because he wanted K. (or trying to, but I kept scolding him, telling him that wasn't nice and that S. could sit there, too.)
This morning I had Sam on a blanket in the living room playing with some old toys that used to be Jackson's. He doesn't really remember them, but he thinks they are new toys so he is always all over Sam trying to take them away and play with them. I have let him play with them a few times so he would get it out of his system and not be curious, but today I had to keep an eye on the other kids playing in the playroom and so I closed the gate so Jackson couldn't get in there where I couldn't see him. He got so mad at me that when I was over in the art center helping L and S get out the paint, he came up behind me and slapped my back very hard. I whirled around and said, "Did you just hit me?" in my loud, "Oh, I don't think so" mom voice, and I put him in time out, all the while explaining that I was sorry that he was angry with me, but hitting is not a good choice. We don't hit our friends and we do not hit our moms. Hitting is not okay. So he was, of course, throwing a huge temper tantrum and trying to scoot himself out of time out when I was not looking. I kept telling him, "You sit there! You may NOT get up. You are not making good choices and you need to think about NOT hitting Mama."

After he was able to get up, we hugged and apologized to each other and talked more about how hitting was not nice, he went to play with "da guys" (action figures). I watched him put 2 action figures in time out and say, "No, no, guys, you don't get up! We don't hit! That is not a good choice! You think about it! You sit there!" haha, poor guy is the youngest one (except Sam) and I guess he needs to feel like he is the boss of SOMEONE. ;)


I have a good life said...

That is way cute! I love how they learn by teaching....even if it is to their toys. you are are great Mama.

I have a good life said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. I was thinking I would get to see you tonight....Nope. Dang ward split. Silly me. We need to go out to lunch sometime.