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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Celebrations and Surprises

Two 2-year-olds in "jail" (behind the soccer net).
Everyone loves Sam, especially his self-appointed second mom, Sophia. Although you can't tell from his expression, he loves her, too.

Easter bunny glasses!! This isn't the whole group, only about a third of it, but these were the ones willing to pose for the picture.
Best Friends - Sam hates to be separated from Jack and well, Jack mostly likes to have his tag-along brother with him. They even have a special scream they call each other with.
"Hey! I found one!"
"This Easter egg hunt is wearing me out! I gotta take a candy break..." Sam found the biggest (and might I add BEST) egg ever!
I just LOVE these boys!
In the midst of hunting, look what else Jack found!
and here is his reaction...
This is Sam's new favorite thing. Good thing Jackson still loves Elmo, too, because we had moved past the Sesame Street phase, but he will still patiently watch SS with Sam.
Ben put up a tent in the backyard, thinking he'd sleep in it with Jackson last Sat night. That so did not happen...
but they had a blast playing in it after naptime on Sunday!


Humphrey Family said...

I love your creative blogs! Your little guys are getting so big :)

Jay said...

What cuties you have! Isn't it fun when they start really interacting with each other and being buddies! I love it when I hear my guys carrying on together--most of the time--except maybe at bedtime when they should be sleeping...Your little guys are such buddies.

Shana said...

I love the pic of just the boys on Easter and then your new family picture on top of your blog. You look AWESOME!
I'm so jealous! I feel like everyone is shrinking while I am growing so big. :)