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Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer, I love you...

I love the sun, it just cheers me up. I don't even care that it is humid outside and I get sweaty just running errands. It gives me life and energy. If I could, I'd live in molten hot weather all my life, preferably near a beach somewhere, but I'm realistic, so I'll take Texas sumemrs.

I love the excuse to wear less clothes instead of bundling up in thousands of layers to stay warm. I love summer clothes: t-shirts, shorts and flip flops.

I love working out in the heat, and the challenge it presents in extra conditioning.

I love the smells of freshly cut grass, and grilled food wafting through the warm breeze.

I love summer food: fruit, like watermelon and strawberries that are SO good this time of year, and grilled foods: hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, etc.

I love to get a tan on my skin, and that I get to wear less makeup because of it.

I love outdoor water activities, going to the lake, and trips to Hurricane Harbor. I love to watch my kids laughing in the sprinkler. I love the excuse to play in my swimsuit all day.

I love the inherent laziness and lethary of summer, and yet, the flurry of fun activities that we get to do because we have so much time off.

I love outdoor projects and landscaping and time to do home improvements.

I love camping and hiking and all things outside, even if I get sweaty. I don't care, I like to sweat!!

I'm so excited for my summer break to begin! 8 more days!!


Tina said...

YAY!! I will come play with you anytime!!
Your post made me happy and looking forward to summer too, except one thing... I burn like crazy and can't keep enough sunscreen on. I don't tan... I burn, peel and then I'm whiter than before. It's a curse!! Have fun getting tan, skinny(er) and having fun with your boys... and me too I hope!!

Shana said...

Sweat on girlfriend! Don't let my fat prego but get you down! :)
I do love a lot of things about the summer season, just not the hot humidity that Tulsa summer's bring. I have lived here 10 years now, and I'm still not used to it.
I miss Wyoming in the summer time a lot. This time last year, me and my girls were playing all day long outside in the warm Wyoming breeze, and it was lovely! Boy do I wish I could get there this summer.