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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

12 weeks, 2 days

11 weeks, 2 days (This picture was last week.)

I haven't been to the doctor yet. My first appt is on Monday. Those first few appts are uneventful anyway, and I HAVE an OB/GYN trained doctor in my household if I need one, although I am a little anxious to hear the heartbeat and just confirm that everything is fine.

So far I have just been really, really tired. I had some very bad nausea at the beginning, but I started taking my prenatals at night and problem solved. Right now my biggest concern is that I have gained TEN LBS since finding out I was pregnant 7 weeks ago. I always tend to gain more than I should in the beginning, but that still seems like a lot to me. I started exercising at home on my new elliptical at least three times a week for 30 minutes (I normally quit working out during pregnancy because I am just too tired and can't get motivated since I don't see results.), and that seems to have slowed down the weight gain, but it is still rising at a rapid rate.

Maybe I'm just paranoid because I'm overly concerned about gaining after having JUST lost all the weight from Sam? It seems like my belly is measuring a lot bigger than it should at this point tho. I started wearing maternity jeans this week. You could practically hear my jeans squealing in protest every time I squeexed myslef into them. It was becoming painful and I am just not a fan of the open top button/belly band thing. It feels slobbish to me. So it is either stretchy pants or maternity clothes.

Today I took the boys to a doctor appt. As I passed the doctor on the way to the second waiting area, he commented to my husband that he noticed I was pregnant again. Really? He can tell just in passing that I am big enough to be pregnant. Cuz people don't usually say anything unless they are pretty confident. Now I am a little more anxious to get the doctor to make sure I am not measuring too big for this age and if Iam, WHY? No twins, no twins, no could that even happen anyway? We have no twins in either of our families - the chances are slim to none. But it HAS been on my mind, on others' lips and in my dreams a lot lately. Sigh - well, come what may and love it, right? And I would, of course. Silver lining of twins? I'd get BOTH the names I like (well, if boy/girl). ;)

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Tina said...

Can't wait till Monday..... :) You'd better post the second you find out if there is just one in there!! Hee, hee! You look fabulous Colleen! Gorgeous as ever. I'm glad we won't be big and pregnant together so I won't compare myself to your oh so cuteness!!!