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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bathtime Friend

Jackson has made a new friend this week and he was found in an unexpected the tub! It seems there is a little friend who has just been waiting for Jack to notice him in the silver drain cover (or whatever you call it) directly in front of him! Jackson was delighted to find him there this evening because it is the EXACT same friend who plays with him on long car rides! (I have a mirror in front of his carseat so I can see him in my rear view mirror.) I could hardly get him out of the tub tonight, he was having so much fun. Of course, with new toys, a new friend, the mysterious silver water-sucker at the bottom of the tub, and the realization of the acoustic capabilities of the bathroom, Jackson had to scream and squeal all through the experience! He truly is so funny to watch sometimes! He's turnign into a little boy, exploring eveything all the time, instead of a little baby. I can hardly keep him still these days. What happened to my snuggly little baby??

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Shana said...

Awww...Isn't fun how such a simple little thing as bath time can turn into such great fun for them at that age!?
Bella is at the stage where she is learning she can really splash the water with her little legs and hands in the bath. She gets really proud of herself and smiles really big when she does that.
Alyssa still LOVES the bath! She loves water in general. I get princess bath bubbles that are pink and smelly--which turn her bath time routine into a special princess bath just for her! She has so much fun with it.
What are we going to do when our kids are teenagers and it takes a lot more to entertain and make them happy??? :)