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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Watermelon and Popsickles

My little guy is getting to be so much fun! Now that he is a speedy crawler, we play hide and seek around the living room furniture! Jack sees me, gets excited and comes scooting in my direction to get me, then I move and sneak up behind him and get him! He laughs and laughs! He has also mastered standing without assistance, but still can only pull himself up to his knees. He did, however, climb up one stair the other day, and since he has discovered the stairs he keeps going in that direction, but we have them gated off, so when he goes in the pre-k room, we just close the gate.

Also, Jackson is trying new foods every day and what a beggar! I try to give him something from my plate at every meal so he can try new things, but lately he doesn't want to wait until I give something to him, he whines as soon as we sit down to eat! He loves to squish watermelon between his teeth, and the other day I was eating a popsickle and gave him a lick. That was a mistake. He practically attacked me for it after that! He was trying to grab it out of my hand and was climbing up my legs (I was sitting), mouth open, to get to it! Tomorrow when we are cooking out at Sara and Dwight's, I'm gonna strip him down to a diaper and let him go to town with popsickle! Stay tuned for pics!

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