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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Are there Dr. Pepper rehabs?

As most of you know, I am not a morning person by any means. When I started teaching 3rd grade 4 years ago, I found I needed a little more of a pick-me-up to start my day, but in my religion, coffee drinking is advised against. So I began drinking Dr. Pepper. Before this, I rarely had a soda of any kind, unless I was out to eat, but after a few months I was hooked. I found I needed a Dr. Pepper to start my day, and the sooner I got one, the better I felt. Occassionally, when my class was particularly unruly, I had a "2 Dr. Pepper" day, and the kids knew if I sent one of them down to the vending machine, it meant they were in trouble. They even started buying me cases of Dr. Pepper as Christmas gifts and for Teacher Appreciation Day (which I LOVED!) to make sure I had it. At the end of each year, when my class wrote their letters to the next group of upcoming 3rd graders, they warned them that without one, I could get pretty cranky. Now I am completely and hopelessly addicted. I have been trying to lose weight after having a baby (very successfully, I need to point out. I am lower than my pre-prego weight right now, and I am continuing to descend!!), and so I have been trying to stop drinking Dr. Pepper. I mean, who needs that much sugar every day if you are trying to lose weight?? BUt I can't stop! Even going a few hours without one in the morning, gives me headaches and makes me feel exhausted and not well.

After having a baby, my stomach can no longer tolerate carbonation. Soda of any kind makes me very sick to my stomach. My stomach just can't process the fizz quick enough. Within hours of drinking a Dr. Pepper I will be very violently ill. STILL I CAN'T STOP! I begged Ben to let me stop buying pop of any kind because just the sound of him cracking open a can makes my mouth water like Pavlov's dogs, but he feels that is too extreme! It is absolutely ridiculous that I can't get control of this problem. I consider myself to be a strong person. I lost all the baby weight, right? I have been through a divorce, bankruptcy, and a foreclosure. I have self-discipline. But not when it somes to this. And so, my friends, I turn to you. I need an intervention or something! What can I do?? Any ideas?


txmommy said...

cold turkey? It would get better eventually. I had the same problem only it was with diet pepsi. Loved it! Then I felt like I shouldn't drink it and had a headache for a week~ yuck, just goes to show you the wisdom of the prophets councel I guess :)

Cute pictures and blog, BTW!

Shana said...

Sorry, I have no advice to give you on this topic.
I have a huge addiction to Diet Coke (with Lime, or vanila)That is my daily vice since having little kids.
It keeps me going and I truly enjoy it. But I'm pretty sure that I am breaking a couple of word of wisdom laws if I think I need one every day.
Don't get me wrong, I do drink a lot of water and juices too, so I just figure everything in moderation is fine right?

Ariana said...

Dr Pepper is my major vice. Just the thought of not drinking any actually /depresses/ me. I have tried to stop, but I always break down and have one, trying that moderation thing. And then, suddenly, I've had 3 in one day!
My weight problem would probably vanish if I could quit. You'd think being fit for the first time in my life would be motivation enough.
Seriously, there must be some secret additive in those cans ;_;

Melanie said...

I have this same question! I would really do it if I could find a rehab - I feel like I need a week in isolation from the Dr. Pepper! My New Year's resolution is to give it up this time. I gave it up for three months once and lost 15 pounds, but once I had one can it was like I was a goner - I really need to get it out of my life. I don't think I've had any real health side effects, but I don't like how irratable/tired I feel when I don't drink it, and I really don't want to expose my two kids to it.