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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Belated Father's Day Love

Our Father's Day celebration was a little disjointed this year since we went to Tulsa and Ben's gifts were hard to bring. I hope Ben had a good day and felt appreciated. Jackson signed Ben's card himself (and then I translated next to his signature). We got him a new holster for his gun, so he can whip it out quickly the next time a mama pig charges him after he shoots one of her babies...(that happened on our last Woody Woods trip!) He also got him an outdoor chair with a canopy. This will come in handy when we go to Tulsa to the River Park for Ben's favorite holiday of the year (except Christmas): The 4th of July!

Although we have been getting on each other's last nerve lately with Jackson being cranky (and thus, Mama, too) due to an ear infection and Ben being stressed because he is SO ready to be done with school for the year, I need to pay tribute to the man I love so much. I truly am grateful to have him in my life. A parent of one of the kids who used to be in my 3rd grade class did a top ten list of reasons why she loves her daughter on her blog, and it touched and inspired me to do my own top ten list of little reasons why Ben is a great dad and husband. After all, the little things add up, so here goes...

1. He builds super-awesome lego block castles for Jackson and then helps Jackson knock them down.
2. He changes poopy diapers without even having to be asked!
3. He is very attentive to our home pest control needs, which Jack and I both really appreciate!
4. He goofy dances and makes silly faces just to make Jackson and sometimes me laugh.
5. He rubs my back whenever I ask him to, even when his own neck hurts from studying.
6. He notices the "right things" about me, like when I have lost a lb, when a color looks great on me, or when my sigh means more than a sigh.
7. Even though he is really busy and is pretty much always behind with studying, he always makes time for us AND his manly house duties.
8. He lets me sleep sometimes and gets up to get Jackson himself when Jackson wakes up early from a nap.
9. He ALWAYS says "Thank you" and "Dinner was good".
10. He will turn off an NBA basketball playoff game to listen to my problems, even when I am just venting because I am PMSing, and tries to help me figure them out.

We love you, Ben! Happy Father's Day and thanks for everything you do for us!

Love, Colleen and Jackson

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Shana said...

Great Post today! I am the same way. I some times can get caught up in the day to day grind and forget the little things that I have come to rely on Rob so much for. Even though one of them may not be a huge are right...all together they really do add up to a lot.
We are lucky to have such great men in our lives.