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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Poor Starving Ethiopian Child

You'd think I was raising a starving Ethiopian child with the way Jackson is eating these days! He breakfasts on 4 oz of formula in a sippy cup (which he can hold all on his own...FINALLY!), and a baby bowl of oatmeal mixed with baby food fruit of some kind. For his lunch he usually has a baby food step 3 meal with formula, then for dinner he has a baby food veggie with formula, but then he has all these in-between meals. I usually give him bites of whatever we are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. (Even if it is messy, I like to let him pick it up with his fingers. His favorite snack is mandarin oranges. You can imagine the sticky mess that follows.) Of course, he has formula and snacks throughout the day as well. Today, he had just finished lunch with formula, but then he saw me eating chips and queso at the table. He crawled to me from the living room, pulled himself up using my chair, and said, "Uh-Uh" with this little growly cough sound he makes now anytime he wants anything. He wanted a chip bite, so of course I gave him some bites of chips, and the little beggar just stayed there through the rest of my snack until I put the chips away and moved out of the kitchen.

Right now Jackson is most defintely a Mama's boy. Today I was continuing my post-church nap after he had woken up from his, and he was downstairs with Ben. For the 45 minutes he was awake and I was still "asleep," I could hear him screaming and throwing a fit downstairs for Daddy. Finally, I gave up and came downstairs to find a very frustrated Ben. He said, "I don't know what he wants. I gave him a bottle, a fed him some bananas and I changed his diaper, but he still keeps throwing a fit." I took him from Ben, put him in his highchair and gave him some bread pieces, and he was a happy guy from that point on. Ben was so irritated, haha! All Jack wanted was Mommy!

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Shana said...

Totally been there with that mommy situation. What do they expect? We are with them 24-7 so of course if they are in a mood all they will want is mommy.
I guess that means that our daddy's needs spend a little more alone time with their babies with out us around?