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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jackson is Traumatized

Funny story: This morning after Jackson woke up and had breakfast, I set him down in the playroom, pulled a few toys out of his Sterilite bucket and sat down on the couch. (I am trying to get him to be more independent. He goes through cycles where he will one day play by himself for an hour or so, and then the very next day he will throw a fit to be held all day! He is going through a little separation anxiety phase.)

All of a sudden, I heard this startled cry and looked over to see his feet kicking over the top of the plastic toy box. I raced over there and, poor guy, he had been reaching for some toys and had fallen in the box face first. He was in there lying on his face, kicking around trying to get himself right side up, but to no avail. Mommy to the rescue! It was quite possibly the funniest thing (and sad - for him) I have ever seen. We had to go wake Daddy up and tell him all about it. Jackson was not hurt, just a little emotionally scarred.

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Kathy said...

Sorry Jackson, I know it was not funny for you but it made all the rest of us laugh.

Glad your ok.

Coleen, I kept going to your website & thinking you did not have a new post because the same set of pictures were at the top. Now I realized that is your header. Duh!