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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Fun with the Rangers

Ben with Baby Kate (Alicia's newest addition)
Isn't her hair adorable!?

For Christmas, Ben's mother, Allison, bought De, his father, Rangers tickets for the whole family for June 28th. So this weekend we hosted Ben's entire family for the game and we had a blast! We were so excited to have people come stay with us because since all of both of our immediate families live in Tulsa, they don't have many reasons to come out this way very often. We had Jamie and Alex in the office, Ben's parents in the guest room, and Alicia and Steven + their 4 kids in the loft. Jenni's son, AJ, slept on a single air mattress in the playroom downstairs and Jackson and Ben and I all had our rooms. We were prepared to share our room with Jenni and Brad, (but as they are newly married, they opted to stay at a hotel for a little more privacy) and have Vince's family in Jackson's room, but Vince's family wasn't able to make it at the last minute. :( How fun that we fit his whole family in our house and it didn't feel crowded!

Jackson and Jillian playing with the popper

On Thursday night Ben's parents treated us to the Cattlemen's Ranch on Main Street next to the historical Fort Worth stockyards. It is internationally renowned and after eating there, I can see why. Ben's steak was the best steak I have ever had and my shrimp and catfish were juicy and delectable!

On Friday, we threw a surprise wedding shower for Jenni and Brad because they eloped about 2 weeks ago. They carpooled with Alex and Jamie and didn't make it until about 10:00 pm, but we had fun anyway. We couldn't wait for them to eat, but we saved cake and presents for when they arrived! We are so excited for Jenni and Brad. After spending the weekend with them, I can see how happy he makes her and they seem perfect for each other. No one deserves to be happier! Congratulations Jenni and Brad! We are ELATED for you!

Jenni and Brad cutting the cake

On Saturday during the day we took the whole family up to see Ben's school. We played ping pong and foozball and laughed and talked! Ben has been practicing his ping pong skills all year between classes, so he was thrilled to finally beat his dad after many years of losing to him in garage games. Then Ben came over and helped me school Alex and Steven in foozball TWICE! That stinks for Alex because before Steven and Ben came over to join our game, he had beaten me two or three times at foozball, but I was learning fast!

Saturday night we went to the Rangers game, and I received further proof that I LOVE being part of this family! I always wanted to be part of a big family and when I am around Ben's family, we laugh hysterically and get silly! Rangers lost 8-6, but it was a great game. In the 8th inning when the Rangers were down by 2, they had the bases loaded, and a full count on the board, and you could feel the energy in the stnads electrify you! We unabashedly twisted to the Twist and Shout, wholeheartedly sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", and rooted for our Rangers until our throats were sore and our voices were gone! What fun! The coolest (literally) thing about that night was when we got there the temp was 98 degrees and we were melting! Then, RIGHT after the final words of the National Anthem, this huge cold breeze came through and blew Ben's hat off. The sky got cloudy and the temperature quickly descended to 73 degrees at it coolest! Even when it started raining, the players played on and we didn't even get wet because we were sitting barely under the awning on the first base line and right field. Then after the game was a fireworks show! What a great night!

Sadly, Sunday morning everyone packed up to leave, but I am comforted by the fact that we will see them in less than a week when we go to Tulsa for the annual fireworks show at Veterans Park for Independence Day! Family Fun to be continued...

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