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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lot's Wife

Living my life
surrounded by sin
raised to know better
But won't let morals win
Heart like a city
Damned to be destroyed
Where once laughter lived
In place resides a void

Beginning to understand
the dilemma of Lot's wife
Heading for a city
But she'll never arrive
Maybe she looked back
Cause she left herself there
Now she can't move on
Doesn't seem fair

Started this poem, but it doesn't feel finished. Here are the thoughts I'm contemplating while deciding on a second verse. (The second stanza here is going to be somewhat repetitive I think, like a chorus to a song.)

What does everyone else do when Lot's wife is turned into salt? Just keep going? What about Lot? Is he not disturbed that his wife is now salt?

Why salt? If God could choose any fate for her, why did he turn her into salt?? Why not stone or a lighting strike that just incinerates her instantly? Salt will blow away, won't it? Why doesn't he turn her into something that will stand as a reminder to others not to look back? Why don't we get to know what her name is? Why does she have no identity of her own?


KC said...

I will have to read that story again to fully understand before I comment....but I wanted you to know I looked and read and loved:)

Kathy said...

Wow how fun that you are taking time to develop your talents. That is great!

Those are great questions and although we don't have all the answers there is still a lot to learn from that story. The thing that sticks out to me is:

If we, who are repented from our past transgressions, continue to look back and long for the life that we had, "the worldy fun" then eventually that will bring us down. You are always either progressing or can never stand still. (or sit on the fence).