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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jackson's First Steps

It is truly difficult to say when a child has his first anything because it happens so quickly, a mother is often left second-guessing that it even happened in the first place. A few weeks ago when we were in Tulsa, Ben had Jackson standing in front of him and Jackson took 3 steps on his own from Ben to me. My sister, JD and Ben all witnessed it, but eveyone thought, did that just really happen? Surely not, he is only 9 1/2 months old. This weekend while we were up at Ben's school, playing games, Jackson pulled himself up using a table and took two unassisted steps toward me. Everyone was busy chatting or playing games, and I was the only person who saw. However, when I was playing foozball, and Ben's family was watching over Jackson in the loft above, they yelled down to me that Jackson was taking his first steps! This time I had several witnesses FROM BEN'S FAMILY who felt sure of what they saw! Ben cannot deny it now! So my news is that Jackson is walking! He needs improvement in his balance, and he still walks on tip-toes, but he has successfully taken several steps on his own now! YEAH! Allison (Ben's mom) thinks he'll be walking confidently in a month! I am excited and yet, I know I'll soon long for the days when all he could do was pull a can of Chicken and Stars on his head!

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Kathy said...

How Fun. Emma also began to walk at 9 & 1/2 to 10 months. Life as you know it is over my dear. Ha!