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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No, no, no! says the white goateed devil baby

First of all Jackson is about to get his top two teeth. They are right there about to break through! I am so excited, although as you can see from my last blog this hasn't really been holding him back much. Maybe getting those teeth completely in will alleviate the shirt-soaking drool problem he has been having. Maybe I won't have to break everything up into such small bites anymore. Tonight for dinner he ate/inhaled cajun brisket, pasta salad, a slice of bread and a large jar of baby food green beans (and 4 oz of formula)!

Lately, we have been using the word no with Jackson a lot, trying to teach him what things are safe/sanitary to explore, and what things are not, i.e his diaper pail that he is so fascinated with... Apparently when we say no, we both tend to shake our heads with the word. Now when we say no to Jackson, he emphatically shakes his head right back at us! It is absolutely impossible not to laugh! I will say though, he does mind when we say no. Usually he backs away after us staring him down and saying no repeatedly in a firm voice. He is pretty obedient for being only almost 10 mos.

This next story actually happened about two weeks ago and I forgot to blog it. Jackson usually plays with his toys right beside the tub while I am in the shower. Sometimes he explores the bathroom, but I make sure it safe to explore before getting in. I lower the toilet seat, lift the trash cans up onto the counter, make sure all cords are not Jackson-reachable, etc. I also peek out of the shower to check on him from time to time, but this particular day I was showering and it had been a few minutes since I peeked out to check on him. When I slid the shower curtain aside, I found that Jackson had discovered toilet paper! Oh yeah! He looked up at me innocently, completely surrounded with an entire unrolled and partially shredded roll of toilet paper, as if to say, "Mommy, look what fun toy I found!" The best part was that a triangle of toilet paper was strategically stuck to the drool on his chin, making him look like a white goateed devil baby!

He is also learning lately that there are fun things on countertops that are too high for him to reach! Today, as I was in the middle of washing my hands, he found a baby can of chicken and stars meal he hadn't finished at lunch. I watched, hurriedly rinsing, seeing beforehand what was about to take place, as he pulled himself up using the legs of our kitchen table, and stood on his tiptoes to barely get his fingertips INTO the can of chicken and stars and completely dump out the contents all over his head and the kitchen floor. I wish I had taken a picture of the look on his face! Priceless!

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Kathy said...

Those stories are a hoot! Thanks for sharing!