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Monday, June 16, 2008

Jackson the Wonder Kid

Last weekend we went to Tulsa to throw my sister a baby shower and to be at the name and blessing of my new niece, Katherine, on Ben's side of the family. Babies, babies, babies! I just love that so many of my friends and family are having tons of babies. This is my favorite stage of life so far by a landslide! Man, I am so glad to be out of that broke college years phase...wait, I am still in that phase by association, I think, shoot! Well, at least we got through the broke years of living in a tiny apartment and we got a house and I FINALLY got to have a baby! Anyway, we had a really great time in Tulsa visiting our family, but I have some Jack stories to share...

On Thursday before we left Jackson had to have some immunizations. I hate it when he gets shots because I have to hold him down and he just cries as if to say, "Mom? How could you?" After the first shot, I was so done with the whole ordeal (as was he, I'm sure), but he still had to get 2 more shots in the other leg! THEN, as if that weren't enough pain for the day, when we got home later he was trying to cruise from the couch to the glass coffee table and busted his gums on the table. He was fine after we got him cleaned up and calmed down though. This was his first self-inflicted bleeding injury (that sounds like he has had other blood injuries that we inflicted, lol, not true). He was NOT a happy guy on Thursday for the majority of the day.

Another funny story...Ben has been calling me a liar for months now about Jack waving bye-bye because Jack has only ever waved bye-bye for me. I can never get him to show off for anyone, even Ben. Today at Wal-mart when we had checked out and paid for our groceries, the cashier said, "Bye-bye" to us and WITHOUT any prompting from me or even a response from me at all, Jack lifted up his arm and waved bye-bye. She even said, "Wow, he is already waving bye-bye!" I was in shock! And of course, did Ben see it? NO! Did he believe me? NO! EVEN after Jack did it again less than 30 minutes later when I was telling him the story, Ben refused to believe me, saying that Jackson had something stuck to the inside of his hand and was trying to get it off. MEN!!! AAAAHHH! Jack has been waving bye-bye to ME for months now!!

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Shana said...

This stage of childhood seems to be the one where he/she has at least some kind of bump, bruise, scrap, or scratch on them every day.
I remember Alyssa going through it after she became newly mobile and she would come home every day from daycare with some kind of injury and I was like, "Okay, do I need to call DHS or what?" Then I realized that it also happened while she was with me too. No matter how much I baby proofed or watched her, she would always find something to get hurt on. UGH!
Don't worry, he will grow out of it and won't look like a beaten child forever. :)