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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sick of Sickness

I am so sick of my kids being sick.

and the preschoolers being sick.
and the wiping of runny noses and dispensing medicine
and sanitizing and cleaning up the hoards of tissues we are going through.
and the phlegmmy coughs, that sometimes turn to puking (in Sam's case).
and checking kids temperatures to see if they need to be sent home.
and the non-sleeping.
and the crankiness.
and the fact that it is too cold to go outside and the kids are too sick anyway when I just want them to run around and wear themselves out and stop whining and fussing over every little accidental "Jackson-bumped-into-me" or overreacted "EEEEW! Sam-spit-up!!" or "She-took-my-toy" or "He's-not-cleaning-up."

I'm cranky.

Is it Spring Break yet!?


Tina said...

I hear ya!!
I see the sun though today so it's almost here. You can do it!
You have such good patience and I'm amazed at all you can handle. You are an amazing mother and teacher. The kids are lucky to have you.
Good luck with all the sickness.

I have a good life said...

Sorry about the sickies.

As for tomorrow...I am going to the temple and C has a couple basketball games to attend. It would be fun if the timing worked out to do something! ;) Call me.