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Thursday, March 4, 2010


So Mrs. Olivia and I were talking today about the kids while they were cleaning up and transitioning to handwashing/lunch. We came to the conclusion that not one single child I have ever had in my (full-time) care has a complete original family originating from the same two biological parents who are still together. Not one. Here is the breakdown:

Total of adopted children I have had in care: 4

Total of children being raised by a single parent: 4

Total of children with one or more parents remarried, with half-siblings: 4

I am just stating facts here. I have been remarried myself, and could have easily had a child from that marriage, so I'm not judging. I just think these stats say something about the deterioration of the family, and how Satan will go to great lengths to destroy it.

Now, in contrast, every single kid I have ever had in part-time care (don't know why that makes a difference) HAS come from a two-parent, original biological parents, non-half siblings family.

Makes me grateful to have an eternal family!!


Tina said...

Cute little picture of you guys!! Hopefully during the summer we can get our kids together to play!

I have a good life said...

Unfortunately, I have joined the sad-side statistics. Satan is working overtime on families, I am sure. I have proof! I am so grateful still for Eternal families. Your boys are lucky to have a wonderful two-parent home like you do! :)

Jay said...

Families are SO great. You and yours sure look cute together.

nikko said...

What a cute picture! I sure had fun smiling at Sam in RS today!