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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blessings & Trials

Well, you were all right. I just had to not only have faith, but leave my problem in the hands of the Lord and it all worked out. As soon as I MADE myself stop stressing about my low enrollment, I got call after call after call. And now I'm full. Completely.

I have been bitten by the craft bug lately and so I made this as a reminder to myself of the lesson I learned from this experience.
As for Jackson being potty-trained, well, he is still 100% pee potty trained, but a week after we got back from the camping trip, he decided the pooping thing was just not his favorite thing again, and so here we are - he is still pooping his pants. I have tried everything. Yes. Everything. I give up. I'm just cleaning up poopy underwear. It isn't that bad. He'll get it. Eventually. Oh well. Sigh...

Today is the first full day of our 8 weeks without Ben. He will be doing a 4 week rotation in Tulsa and then a 4 week rotation in Temple, TX. We already miss him so much. Yesterday when he left, Jackson hugged his neck super tight and said, "Don't LEAVE me, Daddy!!" in this horrible pitiful voice that brought tears to my eyes. But on a lighter note, the other day Ben and I watched New Moon together and I mentioned that although yes, he is very young, I found Taylor Lautner to be quite attractive. To be funny, Ben left a Taylor Lautner poster tacked to the ceiling above our bed when he left. LOL, I'm going to miss my funny husband.

I have been receiving harassing obscene phonecalls at all hours of the day and night since July. I have reported this to the police, and they have assigned a detective to my case. I have traced the call and the phone company forwarded this information to the police, who got a subpoena for his phone records. They think they know who the guy is now, they are just still trying to track him down. Side note - during the same time period that he has been calling me, he has made 4,200 other phonecalls from that number. Meanwhile, I am still getting the phonecalls. I don't answer usually, but this morning I was half asleep and picked up the phone without checking the caller ID, and it was him...what a wonderful way to wake up...with a sexual proposition. At least I am quite sure, along with the police, that the pervert is not one and the same as my creepy neighbor.

Jackson's 3rd birthday was yesterday. It passed fairly uneventfully as we are planning a Super Mario family birthday party for him this weekend when we are in Tulsa for the long weekend, visiting Daddy and relaxing with family. Here are some pictures of what I am working on. (The cupcake tower is the idea I am going to work off of when I make his cupcakes. They haven't actually been made yet. Pics of actual cupcake tower to come...)

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Kirsten said...

WOW!! The part about the investigation really kind of made me sick to my stomach... for you and your family... how brave you are to let Ben leave the house - I'd be FREAKED to be alone! I admire that strength in you!!!
As for the rest, I'm so glad it is all working out :)