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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lost Book

I'm not sure if this is a testament to how much he LOOOVES books or a testament to the fact that he is his mother's son and MUST keep a strict routine, but tonight when it was time to go to bed, Jackson was trying to stall and ran away from me and hid in the kitchen. So I went upstairs and I waited and waited, and then I counted and nothing, so finally when I was going back down the stairs about to spank him, he came. I told him that since he was being silly and didn't come when I told him it was time for bed, we wouldn't have time for a book tonight. You would have thought someone died. As I type I can hear him in his room, kicking his feet and writhing around in his bed, sans monitor, SCREAMING bloody murder for a book. Is it strange that I feel both frustrated and proud at the same time? :)


Shana said...

I'm thinking that means you are a great mommy to your son.
1) you read regularly to your kids.
2) you give consequences for things.
3) you follow through with what you say to them.

Keep it up momma! :)He will be happy again in the morning.

I have a good life said...

Books are awesome.
Consequences are necessary.
Being a mommy is hard.

You rock!

Sally said...

Colleen, surfing the web and your site was under "next blog". I'm hoping that your enrollment is up since your Panic post. Why does it seem when it rains it pours? My take is that God acts in the midst of turmoil we can see no answer for, that way there is no question He was involved. I pray you have seen His hand at work. Many blessings.

Kirsten said...

I agree with Shana :)
and hey.... why wasn't I able to access the post "Blessings & Trials" like I wanted to!?!
I was interested to see in what happened!?!