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Monday, August 16, 2010


Well, I'm officially starting to panic. First day of school was today and not only do I not have full enrollment, but I have 4 empty spots and only one child showed up for the first day of school. Everyone else decided to keep their kids until EMS-ISD starts next week. That means for this week I have lost more hundreds of dollars. I have gotten a few phonecalls and one tour, but nothing has panned out. I was even going to accept a child at 3am since his mother had a wierd work schedule just to get some kids in here, but then his mom changed her mind and her mom is going to keep him. What are we going to do!?

Also, I got a notice in the mail that our children's Medicaid is being cancelled because I didn't turn in some extra documentation that they requested, but I did, so I guess they didn't get it. We have insurance for Jack and Sam till Aug 31. I am freaking out here. I am doing every thing I know to do. I have fasted, searched the scriptures, going to church every week, trying to live righteously, having FHE by myself with my kids, praying, praying and more praying. NOthing like this has ever happened to me before when I was doing all the right things, and it seems like the hits just keep coming. Why!? I don't know what else to do. I'm trying to be faithful and in the meantime advertising like crazy and offering specials, etc, but nothing is working!!


Tina said...

Oh no Colleen!! That sounds awful! I'm so sorry. What a stressful time for you.
I guess I'm relieved for you to not have to take that boy at 3 a.m. but if it means that you now are going to be hurting financially then that is so not cool!!
There's a reason for this and I hope that reason surfaces quickly for your sake. Hang in there. Keep being faithful. Good things are coming your way, I just know it!!

Rachel said...

If Haylee wasn't starting Pre-K this year then I would totally enroll her there. If I know of anyone then I will send them your way... Good luck... things will work out. They have to

Jay said...

O.k, I am on the lookout for folks looking for an amazing preschool, and I'll send them your way. I'm so sorry things are so stressful! It'll work out, but knowing that doesn't always help with the NOW. I'm going to pray too.

Shana said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your business is off to a slow start this year. It is SO hard to juggle being a stay at home mommy to little ones, and being successful at a daytime career as well.
I know it seems that when our prayers are not answered when and how we want them to, we can feel like someone isn't listening or that you won't get what you need.
One thing I have found to ALWAYS be sure- my Heavenly Father NEVER forgets to listen to me. He knows what me and my family need more than I do. It is SO hard for me to let go sometimes and to trust in others. But this is something I have had to learn to do.
Keep your chin up my friend. I know you will be blessed for your faithfulness. I am thinking of you, and praying for you.