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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun with New Friends on the Fourth

Going home and watching the fireworks show in Tulsa with his family for the 4th of July is Ben's favorite holiday tradition, but this year he had to work the next day, so we opted to stay here and go see a local show with our little family.  We chose to go to the Trinity River show which is just ten minutes down the road from our house here in Fort Worth.  We got there at 4:30.  It was roasting hot.  The show wasn't scheduled to start until 9pm.  There were all kinds of fun things to do along the river:  water bounce houses, a live band, lots of food vendors, including complementary water and watermelon, cardboard mat sliding down the hill, and the Fort Worth Cats baseball game in the stadium right behind us.  Plus, there were people floatingthe river and all sorts of other river activities.  With me being 6 mos pregnant, and as hot as it was, I mostly held down our blanket while Ben carted the boys off to fun activities alone.  I felt bad, btu I actually got a little nauseous after hauling so much stuff such a long distance in the Texas July heat.  Sometimes I just overdo it.  Anyway, we happened to notice some new friends walking by!
This is Kajal.  She is recently married to Veer, one of Ben's new resident buddies.  Jackson was instantly enamored with her and was sitting in her lap or doing something to try to impress her all night.  She is a saint, and didn't seem to mind!  :)
Here is Sam, cheerfully enduring the heat.

Jackson and Daddy, resting and rehydrating after a trip to the bounce house.

Here are Veer and Kajal.  Notice that you don't see Jackson in this picture, but don't worry, Sam was stepping up to fill his absense.

My multi-talented Jackson.  It is a wonder Kajal didn't drop at his feet, in desperate love!  ;)

The large pregnant woman holding the blanket down.

I managed to coax him into my lap long enough to take a picture. 

Veer is comforting Sam.  Sam was throwing a fit.  Who knows why.  Sometimes I don't think he needs a reason.  :)

We had a lot of fun with Veer and Kajal, and more resident buddies joined us as it started to get dark.  I am so grateful that Ben works with some really wonderful and fun people.  We've had a few over to our house since then to play games and there were a lot of laughs. 

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