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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Attachment Issues

Tonight I was cleaning up Ally's room.  She doesn't sleep in it yet.  She still sleeps in our room in her vibrating seat (don't judge - she loves it and she sleeps!!)  since she still wakes up in the night to eat.  Just easier. Probably once she starts rice cereal in a couple of months, she'll start sleeping through the night and then she'll go in her own room.

Anyway, I was putting away some boxes of the boys' outgrown clothes that I had stored in there until I could get to them, and I just got so sad!  Does anyone else have issues with boxing up their children's outgrown clothes? I sort through them and remember the stages of their lives and the fun times I remember them wearing those clothes in, and suddenly boxing up old clothes feels so wrong!  Like I am trapping a little piece of their childhood, and I will never get it back. 

And don't even get me started on taking them to a consignment store!  To have some snooty lady pick through them and then tell me my son's clothes aren't good enough and they can't take them.  It'd be like her telling me my child wasn't cool enough or something.  The clothing equivalent to not getting into some elite private school.  Ouch.  I don't think I could do it!

I know I am personalizing this, and it is silly.  Someone please tell me you feel the same way...or I may be forced to seek therapy.  ;)

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nikko said...

(No judging on the seat! Merrick slept in his car seat at the foot of my bed for months! If he fussed I would just wiggle the seat with my foot!)

I try to pass on clothes to people who I know and love so at least it seems like the clothes are loved and appreciated. I also keep a few things of each size just for sentimental reasons, and I've started snipping pieces out of worn out things to (hopefully) make a quilt out of someday.