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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kindness Coins

One of my goals with my kids is for them to be nicer to each other.  To stop making snarky remarks to each other like, "I am not your friend" or "I don't like you, Sam." or "You're just a baby."  To change the tone of voice they use when they talk to each other.  To share, even when you don't want to.  To respect each other's belongings.  To respect each other's wishes (especially when someone is asking the other to STOP).  To generally have a more peaceful, loving home.

I also want them to think about others.  Does anyone around you need help?  Help them!  Will that comment or action hurt someone's feelings?  Don't say/do it!  Do you like someone's shoes or shirt?  Tell them!  Is someone sad?  Comfort them!

To encourage moments to exercise these beahviors, I am giving my kids "Kindess Coins" every time I catch them being particularly kind.  We will keep them in a Mason Jar in the kitchen, and they can use them to buy special treats or privileges on Sunday.  Of course the end goal is for them to be kind just because, but in the meantime, a little incentive for recognizing opportunites and practicing won't hurt, right?  (Because yelling at them and punishing them is NOT a great example of kindness and it certainly does NOT promote peace in our home.)


Kathy said...

thanks I decided to start this today and it is working good so far, we really needed this too!

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