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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Alchemist

I'm about a month behind in finishing this book for the book group that met on it, and so I'm sad I don't get a chance to discuss it. So if you have read it, please let me know what your impressions were. Here are mine:

I enjoyed the book, but not like I usually enjoy a book with a detailed plot. This was a very general book with a vague storyline because there was so much symbolism. I like deciphering symbolism every now and then, and I enjoyed it in this book, but I felt that the book was a little misleading.

The message of the book was that everyone has a Personal Legend to accomplish. Most people don't accomplish their P.L. for various reasons. I think that the author was trying to say everyone can aspire to be greater and that when we do so, everything around us becomes greater as well, and I wholeheartedly agree. However, I felt that everyone's Personal Legend was outlined as this huge thing, like discovering a treasure or accomplishing something so great you'd become well known for it, whereas I feel that many of us are living our Personal Legend just by being who we are.

Personally I know I have many talents, but just because I am a great soccer player or a decent singer doesn't mean I am meant to become the next Mia Hamm or Aretha Franklin. I think the author mentioned a few people along the way that were accomplishing their Personal Legend in a not so glamorous way, but I felt that the major focus was put on the alchemist who could turn lead into gold or the boy who is in search of a treasure. If everyone has a Personal Legend, and yet we need all types of people in the world to do all types of tasks, does that mean no one's Personal Legend is to be a trashman? I don't think so. We need trashman and they serve a very important role, too.

I guess the book made me a little uneasy, like I was missing a joke everyone else understood, and everyone around me knew it. I felt a little embarrased after reading the book: does everyone see that I am not accomplishing my Personal Legend or am I actually achieving it, but just feeling self-conscious? I'm going with the latter.

I have thought and thought about what my Personal Legend could be, and I truly don't feel like I have missed anything. Maybe my Personal Legend is just to be a teacher. Teaching makes me happy, I am talented at it, and I like how it touches and changes the lives of other people for the better. I feel fulfilled as a person by the roles I currently play in my life as a mother, wife and teacher. I know there is always room for improvement, but I feel like I am on the right track and that God is pleased with me, so I am pleased with me. ;)

I liked the book though. Good pick, Joy is My Goal, you got me thinking!


Kathy said...

Colleen I agree with you: if did seem like you had to do some thing BIG or GRAND. But don't worry I am sure you are right on track.

Honestly I did not like the book so much you will have to talk with others that enjoyed it.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I knew nothing about the book when I chose it but was glad I read it I liked the symbolism and we each are blessed w/ gifts that we use and share and over the years those grow and develop and change I think our main goal is living a good life and helping others along their way-- I also liked that it made me think