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Thursday, February 5, 2009


This picture was taken when I had to put Jackson on the BRAT diet when he had the diarrhea bug for so long. Even eating plain ol' rice can be fun.

These days he will NOT let me feed him anymore. Everything we give him to eat must be food he can feed himself. Also, he insists on a fork or spoon with every meal, which are both called "poon" in our house. I am not allowed to help him with the spoon, he will push my hand away and say, "No."

"Back away from the applesauce, woman!"

In the afternoon when the kids wake up from nap and sit down for snack, Jackson likes to sit at the table with the big kids. He will actually sit on his bottom in the chair for long periods of time. Sometimes the kids like to say the ABC's and point to them on the kiddie table and Jackson will do this, too. Most of the letters in his version of the Alphabet song sound like vowels though, but he does sing it in a recognizable tune.

On the weekends when the kids are at home, Jackson occasionally demands a "seat" (a big kid chair) and table to sit at for meals. He will pull them out from the side of the fridge and drag them to me in the living room if I do not oblige quickly enough for him, all the while saying, "Deeeeet! Deeeet!"

This was just a funny pic Daddy snapped when static from the couch got the better of the squirmy worm wriggling around on it!

Jackson LOVES bathtime! After dinner, all we have to do is say, "Bathtime?" to Jack and he takes off like an Olympic sprinter for the stairs. He climbs the stairs all by himself. He loves to splash and kick. (I don't love it so much, but I hate to squash the excitement of bath.) He especially loves it when Daddy pours cold water on his head. I thought it was cruel at first, but he shudders and laughs so hard, it really is funny.

These are pictures we took on our blessed Snow Day last week. Jackson got into the dress up clothes bin, pulled out the knight cloak AND hat and brought them to me, saying "Ep me, pwee! Ep me, pwee!" (Help me, please! Help me, please!) The cutest thing was that Ben taught him to announce his arrival with a little mock-trumpet sound, so he kept running around the house saying, "Duh-Duh-Duh DUH!" He did NOT want to take these clothes off. I think he left them on for almost an hour. At one point, I tried to take off the hat because his nose was running, but he threw a fit as soon as I took it off, so I had to wipe his nose and put it right back on. By the way, thanks Grandmollie, it is a good present for all of us!

I took this picture today when Jackson woke up before the other kids did at naptime. He found his daddy's tie that was hanging on a chair in the kitchen, wrapped it around his neck, and then put my shoes on. He then stumbled toward me and said, "Bye-bye, Mama!" I thought it was so cute, just like Daddy, going off to school.


KC said...

Too cute little Jack! btw I love the new layout!

Mollie said...

Cute pictues of Jackson in Dad's tie and if his knight's costume from Christmas! "Laughter..." is a classic! Love, Grandmollie

nikko said...

These are all so cute!