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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On my way...

I am doing so good! No results on the scale yet tho. In fact, as predicted, I actually gained a lb and half over 4th of July.

However, I got a good start on the week. I have worked out either at home or at the gym every day this week. Monday, I tried to go to the gym, but Jackson is still warming up to it, so I only got to get on the elliptical for about 10 min and I had to go get him, but I did my "Best Butt Fast" (haha) workout video for 45 minutes, then alternated with the ab roller and lunges while I watched an episode of Law and Order when the boys were napping.

Tuesday, Jackson was a little more willing to stay in the gym day care. I stayed with him for about 20 minutes until I felt like he was ready for me to slip out. He did cry a little, but the gym day care worker told him (like I told him the day before as we were leaving and he wanted a sticker) that if he cried and threw a fit, he wouldn't get his sticker. He stopped crying immediately. Yes! I got to lift weights full body for 30 minutes, then do 15 minutes of the elliptical before child care closed.

Today I decided to stay home and be a little lazy because Samson was up every 2 hours hungry or having painful gas last night. I did NOT get the mother of the year award today as after Jack had breakfast, I put in his favorite movie, Kung Fu Panda (Pan-a, as he calls it) and slept lightly on the couch during the intervals when Sam was sleeping. I finally got motivated to get off the couch at 11:30, made Jackson lunch and put him down for a nap. Dr. Chen's office closed early today so Ben came home early, and so I watched a little more TV with him and slept a little more on the couch with Sam on my chest (I love sleeping with a baby cuddled up to me!) while Jack was napping. Then Jack woke up, Ben decided to go nap since he wasn't feeling well, and Jackson and I went outside to play in the sprinkler and his frog pool while Sam chilled in the shade on the deck in his carseat carrier. Then I came in, made dinner (Sloppy Joe's - I SOOO need to go the grocery store.), and woke Ben up so he could eat and then study. After dinner I vacuumed the play room and living room, cleaned up the kitchen, then I did my Best Butt Fast workout video for 45 min and went for a run.

Here is what I am most proud of: Last week I barely had gotten my one mile time under 9 minutes, but today I ran it in 8:34, then came in, stretched and got some water, and went back out to attempt mile 2. I couldn't finish my second mile as my legs were giving out on me, but I did make it 3/4 mile about 30 sec behind my pace for my first mile. I'm hoping to be able to run 2 miles consecutively in 18 minutes by the beginning of next week, then I can work on getting my time down so I can be on track for my goal of 3 miles in 25 minutes by August 21.

So there you have it, It's slow-going, but I am already feeling stronger, faster, and healthier. Working out so hard makes me less apt to stuff my face with junk food, too! I'm going to be in my sister's wedding on August 4, so I hope to have lost a dress size by then.

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Robin said...

You are doing good. The 4th is hard with all the different foods.