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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Medical School: Year Three

After the 4th of July holiday, Ben begins rotations. His first 6 week rotation this semester is in Family Medicine with Dr. Chen, who is less than 3 miles from our house in Saginaw. This means we will see Ben as much we would see him if he had a regular 9-5 job, maybe more. However, after that, he has Internal Medicine for 6 weeks, OB/GYN for 8 weeks, and Surgery to finish out the year (not sure how many weeks). That means that from about the beginning of September until Christmas break, we will barely see Ben at all because he will be at a hospital all the time or on call.

I am excited for him because he is finally out of the classroom and getting to apply all that he has learned, but worried about how I will handle the preschool, a 2-year-old and a newborn by myself. I think of myself as a strong, independent person, but we are about to see just how strong I am. Prayer, prayer, lots of prayer, relying on the Lord, the scriptures and friends from church. That'll get me through, I know this.


Holly said...

Dont worry...I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to getting through 3rd year with a two year old and a newborn....we may have made it out by the skin of our teeth but we made it none the less. You'll do great!

I have a good life said...

Amen to the prayer, prayer, and lots of prayer! You can do it and you will be stronger on the other side! :) I admire you so much. Please let us be in the same ward...but maybe not. If not, know how much I love and admire you!

Robin said...

YOu are an amazing woman.. you will handle it great... sometimes it might be a little stressful but it will all be good.