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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Guess which Blake boy is which?

Give up? Answers: 1. Jackson 2. Samson 3. Samson 4. Jackson (Sidenote: Can you tell I was a first time mother with that first pic? Jackson was born August 31 in TEXAS, but look how much he was bundled up leaving the hospital, lol. It's a wonder he didn't die of heat stroke!)


Kirsten said...

LOL ok so I knew the first one was Jackson b/c I remember that pic - and I guessed that the 3rd one was Sam b/c he's wearing the same outfit he was in the 2nd pic... DO I GET A PRIZE!?!
LOL, they definately are "Blake Boys" aren't they:) how funny b/c if you didn't know their pictures you'd think they were identical twins!!

Robin said...

Thats so funny that you dressed him soooo warm. Good thing we hace air conditioning. Lol.. Such cute boys. Great lesson today, I enjoy it when you teach.