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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Post-Baby Weight Loss Journal: 5 weeks, 2 days

Weight Loss Update:

-Went to the gym twice last week, but didn't stay long cuz Jackson gets cranky. We're working on the separation anxiety tho. I also ran the neighborhood a few times, but man, I'm sore the next day!
-Quit my Dr. Pepper, went to Diet, Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper, which just takes all the fun out of it (sigh), but it is 0 cal, 0 fat grams so I'm saving 150 cal a day of empty calories.
-Lost a lb (that's it?! Gotta move this up to high gear if I'm to meet my goal by Aug 21), Still a size 12. I can fit into 10's but not without shame. It is the butt that is holding me up. Will start lunges tomorrow, maybe?
-1 mile, running, time: 9:13
(pathetic that I can't break 9 min and that I can only run 1 mile, but hey, it's a start.)
-Worried that any progress I have made will be lost over 7-4 holiday. Gotta watch what I eat which will be hard with my mother-in-law's incredible cooking and my family's tendency to cook for a Thanksgiving crowd for every meal.

P.S. Ben and I have started a weight loss competition: Butts vs. Guts
He made 3 goals and I made 3 goals and whoever meets all or most of their goals by August 21st gets to plan our Christmas vacation.

P.P.S. Can I just say I love nursing boobs!? I may nurse until I die. These babies are awesome!!

Note to self: Sweaty me - when in nursing phase - always smells strongly of sour milk, gross!! Hope the other girls at the gym don't notice...


Kirsten said...

LOL sour milk... omg I might pee my pants :) Proud of you "buddy", and hey 1 lb is a good start... don't push yourself or you'll regret it! Take it in strides and remember.... at least you're doing something & if you lose you know the Christmas vaca will still be amazing :) luvs email me tmro... it's back on!!

Kirsten said...

what a small world! Funny how she is marrying his cousin... OMG I remember him telling stories about JD... lol!
SMALL LITTLE WORLD we live in :)

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