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Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am so blessed to have had 2 good babies. Samson is 4 weeks old now and he rarely cries unless he is hungry. Even then, it isn't too bad. He mostly fusses a bit, then gives a few demanding cries and then he just stops. We were on the way home from errands yesterday and he got hungry before we made it home, and he screamed for about 3 minutes, then he just stopped. It freaked me out. I was reaching back to his carseat while I was driving to make sure he was okay, lol. He was fine, just sitting there hanging out. He just had to let me know it was time to eat and that was it.

Jackson has become very expressive in the last few weeks. He has added several new sentences to his ever-growing vocabulary that just crack me up. A couple of days ago he was eating lunch and I heard some flatulence vibrating up from his plastic seat. He looked over at me (sitting at the computer - imagine that!), grinned and said, "I tooted!" I don't even know where he got that from!? I laughed so hard!!

He also announces now when he is poopy (if he is or isn't poopy) and has become fascinated with going potty. I don't think he is really ready to potty train, but if we go in the bathroom to go potty, he wants to come in and watch and then he says, "My turn!" I tried to sit him up there, but he was afraid to sit on the potty on his own and clung to me, so I think it is just the idea of going potty that he likes right now, but isn't really ready to try it on his own. He is also very interested in handwashing. I guess that is a good sign!

"I hun-ree" or "I ter-tee" (hungry/thristy) are new words for him, too. Before that, he'd say, "I wan bites, pweese" or "joose, pweese." Funny story - this morning I got up and made Ben some Father's Day pancakes with strawberries. After Jackson finished his, I got him down and cleaned him up and he ran around a little and played. Then I sat down to eat my pancakes (I had been cleaning the kitchen while the boys ate their pancakes.), and Jackson ran up to me and said, demandingly, "I wan bites! I wan BITES!" Then he changed his strategy a little, and looking up at me with Oliver Twist eyes and a slightly tilted head, he said, "I hun-ree, mama." Little stinker! He is such a beggar! It doesn't matter hat we are eating, he wants some, too!

Jackson is starting to accept that Sam is part of our family now. At first he was either indifferent or jealous of Daddy holding the baby. Now he tries to talk to the baby or he asks to hold the baby. He doesn't know what to do when the baby cries. HE used to laugh, thinking it was funny sound, then he realized Sam wasn't happy, and he would come get me and tell me "The baby is sad." Now he tries to comfort him. He'll lean in to Sam really close and say, "What's wrong baby? You okay?" "It's okay, baby Sam." I thin it is very sweet how much he is starting to love his brother. He even invited him to come play with his toys yesterday! ;)


Kirsten said...

so fun :) how blessed are you that they are both such good boys.. being so close together it could really be different.... so happy for you :)

I have a good life said...

So cute. You have such great boys. It could just melt your heart.