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Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Poor, Mistreated Children

We had an extreme weather change today.  I dropped the boys off at preschool playgroup and by the time I went to pick them up 2 hours later, the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and it was raining.

So the boys couldn't go outside to play. And they needed to.

And if you have ever taught in a public school, you know that when the weather changes, the behavior does, too.  Every activity they have chosen has either ended in a screaming match, a fist fight, or something getting destroyed. 

After interrupting an adapted game of baseball where one child was throwing a plastic toy bin and the others were trying to hit it with Thor hammers and swords, I found that the plastic bin was in pieces.

I had been out of the room for less than 5 minutes. 

Exasperated and running out of punishments, I first made them clean up every single toy off the playroom floor.  Then I told them that if they couldn't treat their belongings properly, they didn't deserve to have them. 

I took every bin of toys kept in a plastic bin and put them at the top of the closet. (That is A LOT!  Remember, I ran a preschool for 3 years - my boys have A LOT of toys.) 


I think I made my point.  They will not get them back for several days.  Today has been awful.

Currently, I am listening to them sobbing at the top of the stairs from behind the gate where they have been banished until I regain a semblance of sanity. 

"Don't take our toys!!  We don't have enough toys now, Mama!!!"

Oh, they are so mistreated.  I feel sorry for them, don't you?

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Elisabeth said...

LOLOLOL ~ this is our favorite punishment at our house ~ and the most effective!

Well done!