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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Guess which Blake boy has not had an accident in his big-boy underwear, even at naptime, in more than 2 weeks!?
This handsome (2.83-year-old) fella! 
(The mark under his nose is a little scrape from falling off the swings at Aunt Alicia's last weekend.)

Now we have two boys fully potty trained!
(in less than a year)

Sam started asking to wear big boy underwear last summer, but he still had frequent accidents till early Fall.  Starting in Fall, he began to hold it for long periods of time, but unless I reminded him, he wouldn't ever go, and would eventually have an accident.  In December, he started pooping on the potty regularly, and finally, in the last month, he is now doing both ALL on his own! 
No fighting, no fits, no reminders, no accidents.
No more potty drama for this mama.

And I am happy to say that after potty training Landon, Sophia, Alexis, Dori, Xander, Archer, Santi, Jackson and Sam, I am really excited that the next little one to potty train (Allyson) won't be for quite a while!


Tina said...

Holy cow Colleen!! That's fantastic!! yay!! I can't believe you potty-trained all those others. You are amazing!!! Congrats Sam!!

Colleen said...

Well, I did while they were here at school, anyway. It was a joint effort between me and their parents, but since they were here about 40 hours a week, and at home (awake) about 25, yeah... I'll take most of the credit. :)