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Friday, August 22, 2008


Did you ever have a night that was going so well, and you had great plans for the evening only to be ruined by one stupid conversation?

I just want to say this: I am happy with who I am, I know I am not perfect and certainly wasn't 7-10 years ago, but I make a conscious effort to be better every day. I don't care anymore how I got to be this person or what I had to go through to be this person. I'm me; everything I have experienced has made me me, I have arrived and I'm HAPPY! If anyone still has issues with anything about me, that is their own problem, because I have faced my demons and they are not mine anymore. If a person can leave their past in the past and accept the fact that they are not perfect, but trying, why can't other people?


I have a good life said...

So sorry. I agree...the past is what makes you you, and, no matter what the past held for any of us, it is over and done with and does not matter one bit right now. Sorry you have to deal with this headache.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

You are the one that has the right to that you and the Lord and he lets things go -- that is the plan of Salvation the plan of Happiness:)