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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wonderful Weekend of Work

There is so much satisfaction in getting things checked off your to do list. Yesterday I worked my tail off (wishful thinking)!

First, I woke up with Jackson, fed him breakfast, played with him for about an hour, then put him back to bed (He takes a 2-hour nap after breakfast - don't ask me why, but I'm not complaining because it enables me to have group time uninterrupted every day.) Then I got back into bed, too. (Yes, I started off my day lazy, but am I not entitled to sleep in at least one day of the week? Jackson wakes me up at 6:30 every morning and I can't go back to bed because the preschool opens at 7:15, then I am with kids until 5:30 pm and then doing my own household duties after that, so I don't usually go to bed until 11:00 or midnight! I deserved a nap yesterday...ANYWAY...)

When we woke up from our nap at 9:30 am, I fed Jack then jumped in the shower to get ready for the Primary activity. Normally, I do some quick baby proofing of the bathroom (i.e. pull the trashcans up on the counter, close the toilet lid, etc.) and put his toys on the bathroom floor and he is content to sit and play while I shower, but not yesterday. After about 5 minutes, he started throwing a fit! He NEVER does that, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong except that he wanted me. When he realized all he had to do to find me was pull back the shower curtain, I was really in for it! He kept peeking in, all the while continuing with the fit-throwing, while I was frantically trying to rinse conditioner out of my hair. Needless to say, he got himself and the bathroom floor soaked! When I got out of the shower, I found he has also destroyed the bathroom while I was in the shower. He had pulled the toilet paper off the roll and shredded it (a task he has not done since the white-goateed devil baby blog), turned the scale upside down, grabbed brushes and bottles off the counter (he never does that either while I am in the shower), etc. The bathroom was a disaster!

I tried to distract him/calm him down, but he continued to be cranky as I got us both ready for the Primary activity. Anyway, we went up to the church and socialized a little, then came home. I fed Jack lunch, then put him down for his mid-day nap. Ben and I played a little Nintendo (we got an original when we were in Tulsa and we have had so much fun reminiscing while we play), then Ben went out to do yard work, and I got to cleaning. I cleaned both upstairs bathrooms (it has been an embarrassingly long time since the upstairs bathrooms got cleaned), did the dishes, vaccuumed upstairs and downstairs, washed and put away every scrap of clothes, cleaned up the playroom, etc. etc. etc. The house was spotless when Jackson woke up and we went to run errands. After we ran errands we went to the ward picnic and swim party, then Bill and Amy (our house guests) offered to watch Jackson so we could go on a date. Of couse, we had to take them up on that. I mean, how often do you have free adult babysitters?? Besides, we came home from the ward activity and put him to bed first, so their job was fairly easy.

We went to IHOP for a quick, but yummy late dinner, then went to see The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. I was so excited to have a date alone with Ben, but this wasn't a good movie at all. The plot was weak, the acting was terrible, I give it 1* MAYBE! I was so disappointed because I have really enjoyed the other Mummy movies.

Anyway, what a great Saturday! I was able to get everything done I needed to do (well, most things) AND hang with friends at the pool AND date my mate! I was so ready to keep the Sabbath Day Holy today! You know, I could tell a difference today, too! Even though Jackson is sick AGAIN (What is the deal with this kid? He has hardly been sick at all the first year of his life and now every time he gets a new tooth, there are all these complications and it has to be this whole big thing! I hate teething! Jackson will have 8 teeth by the time he is one, he is working on 2 right now.), and Ben had to stay home with him, I was able to leave church today feeling SO spiritually recharged for the week. When I got home and everyone was napping, I wrote reminder notes to the sisters on my Visiting Teaching Supervisor's list, and sent "Hey, we missed you" notes to several kids who were missing from my Primary class today! So at the close of the weekend, I feel great satisfaction in what I have accomplished AND that I was able to do it all AND keep the Sabbath Day holy AND magnify my callings! Bring on the new week!

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The Texas Bakers said...

Glad you had such a great weekend. I really appreciate all you did to magnify your Primary calling, as well. You are awesome!!