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Monday, August 18, 2008

Understanding my BOM Book Club side post

Sorry my list is backwards, but I typed it in as I had thoughts, so if you want to read along with me chronologically and understand my comments, you'll have to start from the bottom of my list and go up. Let me know if you have any suggestions for how I can make this less confusing or more easily understood.

Also, PLEASE understand where I am coming from on this. This blog is to help me. I do not claim to have a great understanding of the scriptures. Actually, I grew up in a part-member, mother-was-a-convert family, I was inactive for 6 years of my adulthood, and never graduated seminary, so don't consider me an expert, PLEASE. What I blogged are just my thoughts and questions as I was reading. If you want to help me, please feel free. If not, please don't think I'm an idiot, that is just so discouraging to me...;)


Kathy said...

Wow you read a lot in one day. You have a lot of questions. Some of them would take a novel to answer & some I can't answer. The JC God thing also confuses me but I think of it as Jesus Christ has many titles one of which is God. (By the way these are MY thoughts.) I'll write more later when I have more time.

nikko said...

One thought I had while I was reading your thoughts and questions was that it might be helpful to read along with the help of the institute manual. There are quotes from general authorities, thoughts and ideas from different scholars and teachers, etc. It often helps me out when it just doesn't seem like things are making sense, or when it feels like there are things that I am missing.

You can get them for all the different books of scripture at ldscatalog dot com.

Just an idea that helps me. I think it's great that you are really delving into your scriptures. I need to be better at doing that!