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Friday, October 10, 2008

Book Review: The Host and The Lovely Bones

I finally finished The Host this week. Many of my friends said it was slow-going and they didn't like it as much as other Stephenie Meyer books. I agree that it wasn't the same as falling in love with Edward in Twilight, but I really enjoyed it. I thought the plot was unique (or at least unique for me because I usually avoid science fiction), and I was intrigued by the idea of having someone else in your head, knowing all your memories and thoughts and feelings. Then again, that is also my worst nightmare. Some things are better left private, you know?

After reading the Twilight series and now The Host, I now have a new favorite romantic genre author. Maybe the books weren't meant to be pegged romantic, but of course, they SO are. Stephenie Meyer is a genius when it comes to capturing the excitement of new, young love. I also really enjoy Nicholas Sparks, but all his books are predictable, in that they all involve one character with some baggage they think they'll never overcome, but then they meet The One. He writes love as something deeper, more based on respect and a full understanding of each other, whereas S.M. writes it as passionate, addicting, and exhilerating. I enjoy both, but there is more to Stephenie Meyer's books than just the love story so she wins in my "book."

About a month ago, I got a chain mail book club letter. I was supposed to send one book to my Aunt Jeanne, and then send the letter to 6 other people. The letter promised I would get 6 new books and all I'd have to do was mail out one of mine. Well, I have had a hard time deciding what in my library I should send my 70-something (Great) Aunt Jeanne, and I must confess that the letter is still in my To Do inbox. However, I received a book in the mail last week called the Lovely Bones. I read the back cover, and thought it looked good, so I started it last night.

YIKES! I hope the ending is good, because the beginning was horrible (as in not something I wanted in my mind, not as in poorly written), however, the plot is again, so unique, that I have pressed on past the first chapter, interested in what will happen. The book is written from the perspective of a deceased 14-year-old girl who watches her family, friends, and murderer from heaven.

Stay tuned and I'll let you know how it turns out.


I have a good life said...

I actually LOVED "The Host." I thought it was realy difficult to get into, but after was better than the Twilight ones, I think! :) She definitely has unique ideas and a good writing style.

txmommy said...

I read Lovely Bones, it was freaky, but good. In the end I liked reading it.

nikko said...

I've heard good things about The Lovely Bones, but haven't read it yet. I haven't read The Host yet, either. I'm in the middle of some non-fiction, so these will have to wait!

We missed you today!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

the Lovely bones was a tough read but interesting read w/the pespective