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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

I remember when I was about 12 I was with my mom at a neighborhood get-together (maybe a shower for someone) and she was talking with her friends. They were all listening to one woman excitedly describe her new carpet or tile or something for her house, I don't remember. All the women were envious and complimentary of her new upgrade, and with my hormonal preteen attitude, I remember thinking, "If I ever get to the point where I am excited about carpet, I need to get a life."

Well, apparently it is time for me to get a life, lol, because I am so excited about something I had in my house and never used. I had all these little dirt spots all over my carpet and living room. Some are from Jackson's spit up stains that we tried to get out with Resolve, but then it just collected dirt in that wet spot instead or maybe dirt from our shoes, who knows. I was about to call someone to come out and clean my carpet, but that is always such a hassle and when would I do it? I can't do it on the weekdays cuz I have a houseful of kids and I don't want to do it on the weekends because then I have to keep Jackson off a wet carpet for several hours. Then I remembered that my uncle Greg gave us a Dirt Devil Portable Spot Scrubber last Christmas, and we have never used it. I got it out thinking it was worth a try, and man, that thing is SO swesome. It works like a mini tool of what those professional carpet cleaners use. You simulateously spray the watered down solution onto your carpet with a vaccuum hose thing, and run the vaccuum part over and over it until wah-la! The stain is gone! All the stains in my carpet that were mostly dirt are completely gone, and the other stains (like I have one mysterious orange stain I can't get out) are at least faded. I'm so excited and I had to tell all my girlfriends!

Ok, now I'm headed off to get a life! ;)


Shana said...

HAHAHA!!! I am so there too! I've seen those and want one so badly.
You are so funny!

nikko said...

Hey, that sounds like something that would come in very handy at my house.

KC said...

LOL the sad thing is all us "friends" are just like your moms friends thinking....oh I'm so jealous:) I hate rolling out my carpet cleaner wishing there were an easier way, even though it's as easy as using a vaccuum...funnny how that works, always wanting the next best thing - but hey christmas is upon us:)

I have a good life said...

What a great tool! Any house that has kids needs one of those! :) Thanks for sharing.