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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Next Things I'm Looking Forward To...

I love this holiday season! Just the feel and smell of the cool autumn evening air gets me excited for the fun things I have to look forward to in the next few months, like...

1. The TCU-BYU football game
2. Keagan's (my cousin's son) birthday party next Sunday afternoon
3. Boo at the Zoo
4. Turning the air conditioning off for a while & OPENING WINDOWS!
5. Spending Halloween with our families in Tulsa/watching my new niece get blessed
6. Annual Thanksgiving Family Lock-in (kind of) in our Galveston condo on the beach(if the island is ready by then, but we hear good reports of our area)
7. Finishing the waste of time online business course through TCC the state made me take for my in-home preschool director's certificate (I thought I was done with school!!)
8. My 2 Week Christmas Break!!
9. Christmas in Tulsa with both our families.
10. New Year's Parties with friends! Game on girls!
11. Ben opening his birthday present (hint...father-son football watching). He is going to LOVE it!


nikko said...

We can't wait for the game, either! And when it cools down enough to open the windows, you are going to hear whoops of joy coming from my house. LOL.

txmommy said...

good list! I love this holiday time of year!

Holly said...

I didnt know you guys were BYU did you end becoming one of those? Most fans are 1 of 3 things BYU alumni, from Utah, or mormon! I wonder if you guys are sitting anywhere near us at the game...its gonna be awesome. GO COUGARS!