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Friday, October 17, 2008

What is Wrong With People?

All I want to do is dress up for Halloween like a zoo animal to match my son's cute elephant costume...I was thinking maybe a cheetah, but all I can find are goofy animals or slutty women's costumes. This is so frustrating! What happened to Halloween being a family holiday? (At least I thought it was based on what I experienced growing up, but maybe I was sheltered.) Who dresses like that? What is wrong with the world that a fun family holiday is twisted into a good excuse to get half naked?!?!

Hello, women of the world: It is COLD in October! Put some clothes on!

I did find a cute flamingo costume, but I was hoping for something that clearly speaks zoo theme, so I'm not sure if that does. What do you think?


marcia@joyismygoal said...

I think the Famingo is so cute and The only place i have seen them other than the zoo is the Aquarium so i think you are good:) I heard your hubby's go Oklahoma as you left the game we laughed:)eo

KC said...

I hear yah, it's like you either have to be a witch or a sex-kitten in order to dress up! It's rediculous!!! I decided to just go simple since I can't find a descent/modest vampiress costume to go with B's I bouth some teeth and some makeup and there you go!! It's a bummer but at least our kids will look cute:) I think the Flamingo is cute and does go with the theme you're going for.

Shana said...

Preach Girl!
Flamingos have been at every Zoo I've been at. I think it could do just fine for you. Plus, it is pink! Can't go wrong there. :)
I hope to see you in Tulsa Halloween weekend.