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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some of my favorite people

This is my super-cool aunt and best friend Sara. When our men go hunting together, Sara and I play the life of hunter's widows together. She is my closest confidante; my surrogate mother/sister with my family 5 hours away. She has raised 3 boys, has 2grandchildren, fought both cardiomyopathy and breast cancer, and is still the youngest and most beautiful 50-year-old I know. She gives the best advice and is always that honest friend everyone needs when shopping. She also reminds me not to spend too much money so I don't get in trouble with my husband. I love her and I just wanted to say Happy 50th Birthday, Sara! Don't kill me for posting this! ;)

This is my good friend Cassie Ray (now Wayman). We worked together at First Christian Church-Child Development Center in downtown Tulsa, OK for about a year and a half before I moved to Texas. I had just graduated with my teaching degree and Oklahoma schools were laying teachers off due to state budget cuts. Cassie was my assistant in the 3-4 year-olds Explorers classroom. She had worked there for several years prior to my hire date. She always came up with the cutest arts and crafts ideas, helped me balance all my new responsibilities, and taught me so much about how to work with kids that young when most of my experiences were with 1st grade and up. I grew to love younger kids, and now I use what she taught me every day with my new group of 3-4 year olds. Where would I be without Cassie?

Every year FCC-CDC closed for one week for training. One day of training our first summer together, a handsome fireman came with his team to help us get our CPR certificate. It was love at first sight. Then, Cassie was still working on her undergraduate as a English major. Now she has just completed her master's degree, currently teaches Honors and Pre-AP English to middle schoolers, and just married her handsome fireman! Congratulations, Cassie and Kyle!


Shana said...

I was catching up on your posts and just wanted to tell you that it was so good to see you and Ben and Jackson the other day.
I'm so sorry that we couldn't meet up and visit longer while you were in Tulsa. After church the girls needed a nap in a big way. Once I got them to sleep, I fell asleep too! By the time everyone was up again, it was almost 4:00 in the afternoon.
Are you guys coming to town for any of the holidays this year? Maybe we can plan a night out together then?

A big CONGRATS again on the pregnancy! I think it is awesome! If anyone can handle another child so close in age to Jackson, it is you! I hope that you start to feel better soon. I hate that fatigue feeling. :
*My OBGYN told me that smelling coffee beans helps with nausea, and at first I was like, whatever, that is weird. Then I got desperate and bought a little bag of coffee at the store. I hid it in my kitchen and just got it out and smelled it whenever I was feeling nauseous, and you know what? IT REALLY WORKS!
Try it!

I have a good life said...

Hey...congrats! :) You are lucky to be surrounded by such great people! :)