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Friday, November 7, 2008

Zest for Life

I'm actually feeling better this week. Minimal nausea (I have yet to throw up), certainly no lack of appetite, and minimal exhaustion, but I have been trying to get to bed earlier. In any case, it was a great week except for the mysterious poison ivy I have all over my left hand and left side of my face. I have absolutely no idea how I got poion ivy. I've never seen it in the backyard, none of the kids have it, Ben and Jackson do not have it, I haven't been anywhere where I might have gotten it, and yet, I have a blistery rash on my hand, fingers, chin and eye. Yes, I'm a scary sight to see right now. I went to the doctor today and he gave me a shot and a prescription, but I'm still itchy as anything and I have no self-control, I'm totally scratching. Ben is hunting, which is probably for the best because he is highly allergic to poison ivy; last night he slept on the loft couch so he wouldn't accidentally be exposed to my poionous oils. (sigh) If it's not one thing, it's another, right?

I know I say this all the time, but Jackson amazes me daily with the things he is picking up. He is so much fun right now! Here is a bulleted list of my favorite new words/actions he does lately.

-Landon (Lan-duh)
-Ow (owwww-ah)
-bites (bi-bi)
-juice (Joo)
-please (pwee)
-up, please (uh, pwee)
-diaper (bi-puh)
-stinky (tin-kee)
-baby (bay-bee)
-doggy (daw-gee)
-bath (bah)
-book (boo-ah)
-"What's that?" (I can't describe how this sounds, it is mostly a copy of the inflection I use when I say it, so I know that is what he is saying. Plus, he points. He has been doing this to trees a lot lately, and airplanes a few times.)

-He now goes to pull down the diaper mat whenever I have acknowledged that he has told me he needs a diaper change. He sits down, and will lay down willingly if I ask him to.)
-He brings me books and then demands I pick him up ("uh-pwee" insistently) and sticks the book in my face to let me know he wants me to read it to him. He has several favorite books, and is completely uninterested in others. Go figure...
-He is really into climbing right now, especially with the purpose of standing up on something higher than the ground. He climbs to standing on the seat of his push-pull bus, his birthday train from Nana, the kiddie chairs that sit at the round table in the playroom, the stuffed kiddie rocking chair, the slide in the backyard, etc. He also tries to stand up in the bathtub, but I have been telling him, "No, no, Jackson we don't stand up in the bathtub (or on the chairs, etc) that is not safe! It will hurt you. Ow!" Now he understands he needs to sit down, and does so promptly when requested to.
-He folds his arms on command, which is so cute because we got so excited when he first started doing it that we clapped and said "yeah," so now he does that after folding his arms, too.
-Dancing. He and Daddy have such fun dancing and being silly in the living room to the radio. In the end, everyone in the house is rolling with laughter.
-"Jackson, make your face!" To which he makes the most hilarious "oh" face with his lips pursed. SO CUTE! It makes everyone laugh who sees it. I don't know where he picked this up, but it is one of our favorites.
-He climbs the stairs unassisted, but with me or Ben right behind to prevent falling.
-He loves to put his Elmo shoes on. I need only say "Let's put your shoes on." one time and he runs to me!
-gives kisses (albeit open-mouthes kisses, often with tongue) and hugs (with a MM-mm sound effect)

This is about all I can think of right now, although I am sure there is more. His excitement and curiousity is so fun and contagious! One of my newer pre-k parents witnessed some of his talents today, and asked me when Jackson would be two. I proudly informed her that it would be a while because he was only 14 months. She seems shocked and impressed. I know I shouldn't be overly proud because truly I have nothing to gauge him against. I don't know what kids his age should be doing, but it seems to me that he is a little advanced. I guess I attribute it to being around all these older kids every day, but I am grateful that he is in good health, is learning so much so quickly, and is enjoying his life so far. We are so blessed!

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Kathy said...

Wow you are so blessed. Spencer just turned 2 and says about the same amount of words.

Jackson is a little smartie pants. He is a cutie too.