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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Soup Spills & Time Out Troubles

Today I made Charleston's Baked Potato Soup and Red Lobster Bicuits for dinner. Jackson wanted some, even though he already had dinner. He always wants what we are eating and drinking, no matter what it is or how full he already is. He is a little beggar!

We were watching Bruce Almighty in the living room as we ate. This is a pet peeve of mine for so many reasons. I feel that dinner is a great time to sit down as a family and talk. Ben disagrees. He likes to be comfortable and entertained as he eats. What am I gonna do? Most of the time I eat by myself in the kitchen while I feed Jack and Ben watches TV, but tonight I wanted to be with Ben and it was a good movie, so I relented.

The combination of all of these factors ended up with my creamy, hot baked potato soup ending up all over Jackson and the carpet.

When I went into the kitchen to take the bisuits out of the oven, I asked Ben to make sure Jack didn't get into my soup. Of course, I forgot the fact that Ben does not hear well when the TV is on, and also isn't too alert to what is going on around him. However, I know this and I'm the one who left my soup right where Jack could get into it. Luckily, he wasn't burned at all, and I got to use my new favorite thing (The Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber) to clean it up.

Anyway, as we were cleaning up, Jackson kept getting into other stuff he isn't supposed to, so he had to go to time out. Jackson's current time-out spot is in his pack n play which stays set up in the living room all the time. (He is supposed to nap in it, but I always put him upstairs in his bed so he doesn't keep the big kids awake as he cries and plays loudly while he is trying to fall asleep.) Time out is new for us. Jackson has been throwing a lot of temper tantrums lately when he wants something and doesn't get it, so we have had to come up with something other than the hand slap or diaper spanking. Those punishments don't always fit the crime, ya know? This is new for us. We haven't quite worked out the kinks, but I think when we do, I'm really going to like it. Jack already understands the concept of time out because he sees the big kids go to time out all the time. He really hates to go in time-out because he hates to be confined. The cutest thing is that he will cry and cry and then say the words "Up, please," over and over so pitifully. I have a hard time not laughing a little. Anyway, I need to find something else that confines him and conveys the message that he is in time out because I am afraid that when we go to Tulsa and he sleeps in the pack and play, he will associate it with being in time out and won't sleep in it anymore. Any ideas for something I could use? My time out for the big kids is a bean bag chair, but Jackson loves those chairs. He plays with them all the time, so that won't work. Plus, it doens't confine him at all.


Shana said...

Welcome to life with a toddler!
Time outs are not fun. But, I truly believe that they work if you are consistent with them. Rob and I both have to be ready and willing to follow through with the warning, the time out, and not letting her up until the 3 minutes are over. Then has to calm down and say she is sorry and a hug.
SUPERNANNY to the rescue! :) We love that show.

Congrats on your first sonogram! I know it is mind boggling with a new baby coming into the mix of craziness. Just remember that you wouldn't be having one right now if you didn't feel inspired to do so. Heavenly Father knows your needs and what you can handle and what you can't.
The best thing I ever did when I was pregnant with Isabella was that I made a real effort to do some fun and special things with Alyssa before Bella came. I also got Alyssa enrolled into a dance class. This gave her something that was just for her and that helped her when Bella came.

Colleen said...

I wish I could spend time alone with Jackson like I did his first year. I had planned that this summer would be our time together again, but I'm afraid that by the time summer rolls around again, I'll already have a new baby to take care of. The good thing is that Ben will be home a lot more in the summer and we can both spend time adjusting to having two kids and hopefully get to spend one-on-one quality time with both of them.