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Monday, May 18, 2009

38 weeks...and counting

On Wednesday I'll be 38 weeks. Today I went to another check-up. Take a guess where I am at now, keeping in mind that last Monday I was dilated to 3...

I AM STILL AT 3!!!! What?! In a week I have made no progress whatsoever!

Grrrrr. My doctor was out because he had minor surgery last week, so I saw a nurse practitioner today. She gave me some more information than just that I was at 3 cm, but I'm not sure everyone wants to read everything she told me, so I'll just say there is SOME progress. I guess I could still go into labor anytime, but the dilation report made me depressed. Then she had the nerve to mention how some women go to 42 weeks. Why would she say that?! That is just plain mean!

Plus, she said she estimates that the baby is only 6.5 to 7 lbs right now, which is small considering that at this point (38 weeks) Jackson was 8 lbs. I thought second babies were supposed to be bigger. That also means I have no reason to beg the doctor to induce me early like he did with Jackson. He was worried about shoulder dystocia, but with a smaller baby, I guess that won't be an issue.

I must be the biggest wimp in the world. I always prided myself on being so tough, but as miserable as I have been in the last week, I would have sworn I was at least a 5 this week. Haha, I even packed up all my stuff in the car in case she told me to just go right over to the hospital because I was ready!

Sigh...I'll keep you informed if anything changes, but it's not looking like I'm going to go into labor anytime soon.


nikko said...

Ugh. So sorry. That baby will come when it's ready, which I know is so hard to hear. Those last couple of weeks are the worst. Hang in there!

Shana said...

Yeah, patience and waiting on someone else for something to happen while I'm in a TON of pain-Not my strong suit either!
You know me- I'm all for inductions! They haven't steared me wrong yet. :)
I hope you have a less painful week while you wait for baby Samson to finish cookin! :)

Kirsten said...

LOL well at least you would've been prepared! I can just see you going home and unpacking your hospital bag:), oh girlie you crack me up:)
I wish I had encouraging words but I am the worst considering I was ALWAYS contracting with B, and I NEVER dilated at all! So I totally understand where you are coming from being in pain and nothing changes, I feel for you!!
Keep us posted and good luck! Who knows, you could just JUMP into a 5 and have a baby by the end of.... well tonight!?! LOL so no worries:)

Holly said...

The last weeks are pure torture...they were much worse with Aiden than they were with Mya...I'm sure you remember. One thing that helped me, is to say to myself that pregnancy is 40 ANYTHING earlier than that is a blessing, but up until 40 weeks labor's absence is totally normal. It is difficult to believe in a 38 week pregnant state, but try and resign yourself to making it to 40 weeks, then when and if he comes earlier you'll be pleasantly surprised. I know this was unsolicited but, thats the only way I made it through. Ugh I feel for you!

Jay said...

Sending you happy labor wishes. Little guy will be here before you know it--really!

I have a good life said...

Hey. I heard you did have your baby! CONGRATULATIONS! :)