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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally...I'm posting pics and changing my background!

This week my group is learning about the ocean/beach. While we can't take a field trip to the beach (I wish), we are going to have a "beach day" on Friday, complete with sprinkler play, water guns, beach balls and a picnic on the new deck. We broke out the sprinkler tonight to test it out. Jackson had a blast!! You can see from some of his faces that the water was a little cold, but he still ran around completely giddy! Ben played with him and showed him how to put he little balls that go with it in the sprinkler so they pop up from the water pressure.

I am also including some pics of the new deck Ben built for us over Spring Break, now complete with a surrounding rock garden, deck furniture and some potted flowers. It is such a peaceful place to be in the evenings and we have spent several evenings this week destressing to the sound of the warm breeze rustling through the trees and stirring up the wind chimes.


Shana said...

Your deck looks awesome! I'm glad that you felt good about your first lesson.
WOW! You are dialated to a 3? That is exciting to think you could have another little boy any day now! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

txmommy said...

your deck is wonderful!!! How fun! Glad you are not private :)

Kirsten said...

FUN FUN! It sounds like a really great weekend/week full of fun:) The deck looks amazing, at least if the whole dr thing doesn't pan out Ben has a future in construction:) lol