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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Did I mention my boys are growing too fast!?

Today Sam started using the furniture/the nearest leg/the dog to pull himself up to standing. The first few times, he didn't have the best balance and fell almost immediately, but he was a persistent little guy and by bedtime, he was pulling himself up quite quickly and could hold himself up for as long as he wanted to be there.

Everyone is excited about this except Jackson. Not only can Sam follow him around the house, but now he practically climbs up in his lap. You should see Jack shield all his toys so Sam can't get them. When did Jack get so selfish? Hmmm...I guess potty-training isn't the only thing we will be working on.

On the potty-training note, it is still going very well. Today, for the first time, Jackson initiated a successful attempt! He goes potty every time we sit, but still we have some wet Pull-ups! He stops and starts his flow a lot when we sit, so how do I get him to make sure he gets it all out so he will have a dry Pull-up until our next trip?!

For those friends of mine who are also potty-training, one of my pre-k parents found a "potty watch" that goes off every 30 minutes or something and it plays a little potty song. Her little boy hears the song and toddles off to use the potty without question! I gotta find one of those!! That is the hardest part for me - to make sure I remember to take Jackson after he has had something to drink or on a regular basis, but I'm not stressing. We have all the time in the world to do this, and I figure as he gets more practice, he'll start to initiate it more and more and I won't have to be the one to remember all the time. We are learning how to do this together and I'm not going to force him or push him into anything before he is ready. Anyway, good luck to everyone!


nikko said...

Sounds like Jackson is doing well!

My only hints: When I potty train, I usually let them run around nekkid and put the potty chair out in a central location (i.e. kitchen floor). You have a few accidents, but then it's totally obvious to them when they need to go. I never use pull ups, either, because to them it feels just like a diaper (absorbent) and I don't think they feel the sensation of being wet. We go straight from diapers to undies and save the pull ups for night time.

Katy said...

I went straight from pullups to potty training. We didn't potty train while he was in pullups but used them because it was a good transition and Bradley liked to take his diapers off, so pullups helped him learn to keep them on. We did the same thing about being naked. You probably can't do that with the Pre K. Good Luck!