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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Duchess

I just watched this movie with Keira Knightly. It got me thinking about the advancements in women's rights that we so enjoy today. Back then, men could divorce a woman leaving her with no rights to her children. Today when a marriage fails (or prior to marriage), most often women are abandoned by men to care for their children alone. Food for thought. Watch the movie and you'll see what I mean. It made me angry and depressed, but it was a good story.


Shana said...

Hmmmm...sounds interesting! I will have to rent it.
It was so good seeing you guys over the holiday. So glad we got together! :)

I have a good life said...

Thanks for sharing. Maybe too close to home. But...I miss you like crazy. We HAVE to do a girls' night or something!